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First do no harm… let your food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.
The human body, though untaught, will always find balance.
~ Hippocrates

My Journey

I have always been captivated by the wonder of the natural world we live in, and at an early age fell in love with this beautiful planet and its creatures. A childhood surrounded by nature introduced me to a lifelong passion for wildlife, animals and even insects and I was taught from an early age that all life is precious, to be valued and respected. Growing up on my grand-parents farm gave me a healthy awareness of natural living and with my grandmother’s penchant for herbal remedies over the doctor’s chemical meds, so the seeds were planted for my journey into natural healing. Grandma’s herbal remedies and natural elixir of life have possibly helped her reach the grand old age of 97 and she’s still going strong. Unfortunately, today’s fast paced throwaway society has cast most of these wonderful natural remedies onto the backburner, replaced by quick fixes, antibiotics, vaccines and ‘wonder pills’.

Today we live in a chemically toxic world. What we eat contains all sorts of preservatives, growth hormones, pesticides and insecticides. We pamper ourselves with hazardous chemicals cunningly marketed as the ‘youth we always wanted’. Cleaning the household with acids and chemical agents manmade and designed for industrial use. At the end of an average day we have consumed, sprayed, ingested and inhaled around 300 different highly toxic chemicals, which on their own are supposedly harmless and ‘approved’, yet put them altogether, and we are walking chemical cocktails. Is it any surprise therefore, that the rate of such awful diseases as cancer are rising exponentially and uncontrollably and taking our loved ones with them along the way?

The last decade has been a huge learning curve for me. I have learnt that we humans seem to have a natural death wish. We live a fast track life of chemicals and quick solutions, and we never stop to think of what we are doing to ourselves, each other, and the planet. Through the teachings of my grandmother and father, and endless nights trawling the internet, reading and investigating, I have learnt the truth about processed food, toxic medications, preventatives and vaccines. I have now dedicated my life to ensuring that everyone around me who I love and care for, including my beloved dogs, will get the best and most natural life possible so that I can enjoy every moment with them on this planet.

And this, I want to share with you on this website. Whether you believe what I say, use what I tell, or just continue unabated, I am sharing with you the knowledge that I know can help you and your dogs live a longer healthier life, and enjoy each others company longer.

We now run our own dog rescue, where the dogs all live naturally and holistically, and as a result we have healthy happy dogs, active and fun. They are never ill, and their coats glisten in the sunshine.


We adopted Harry when he was 4 months old and picked him up the day he had his puppy shots.  It wasn't long before he was often sick and generally had trouble keeping his food down.  He also had runny eyes and itchy ears.  The local vet said to put him on chicken and rice, which solved the sickness immediately, yet as soon as I put him back on his dry food, his sickness returned.  I knew chicken and rice was not a balanced diet and that I couldn't keep him on that long term, so I began researching canine nutrition to see what I needed to do to ensure his home cooked meals included all of the vitamins and minerals he needed.  I soon discovered instead, websites talking about raw food, and after a lot of sifting through various raw diet suggestions, I decided to try Australian vet Dr Tom Lonsdale's Raw Meaty Bones diet.  Immediately, Harry was able to keep his food down and he absolutely adored his new diet!  After a few weeks I noticed his eyes and ears had improved, and within a couple of months he no longer had any physical problems at all.

From these early positive results, I realised that there was a lot more to learn about pet food and canine nutrition and so my investigations began and I discovered the Prey Model Diet which is based on David Mech’s study of the diet of wolves in their natural habitat; our dog’s ancestors.  As I started my journey learning about canine digestion, their ancestry and the kind of food they were designed to eat, I discovered the shocking truth about the pet food industry and the ingredients used and the real reasons for our declining companion health.  In the words of Dr. Kelly M. Cassidy regarding her breed longevity study that indicated no significant changes in median longevity over time:

"Even with consideration of possible methodological problems with some of the studies, the data are very discouraging. There have been dramatic improvements in veterinary medicine, particularly in treatments of the most common killers of dogs (cancer and heart disease).
If breed health is staying about the same, then breed life spans would be expected to be increasing because of improved veterinary care. If breed life spans are staying about the same, then improved veterinary care may only be compensating for declining breed health."

Source: http://users.pullman.com/lostriver/trends.htm

Spread the Word!

The more I learned the more determined I became to not only care for my own dogs as holistically and naturally as possible, yet to also spread the word and enlighten others about the dangers of pet food, over-vaccination, insecticidal medications and toxic pharmaceuticals from corrupt industries that are all purely driven by greed and not the health of your pets.  I became more and more horrified that pet owners’ misplaced trust in the veterinary establishment (whose training is infiltrated and sponsored by both the pharmaceutical and pet food industries) was actually making our companion animals sicker, younger, only to be propped up by modern medicine; a nice self-fulfilling market for the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry.

Rawfeeding Group

I soon discovered the Yahoo Rawfeeding Group which is a goldmine of information for both new and established raw feeders.  Time and again, new rawfeeders would join and ask "is there a website or book with all this information?" only to be told "no, but all the information can be found in the archives".  So over the last few years, I gathered snippets of information from fellow rawfeeders, homeopaths and other websites to create what I hope is a comprehensive, all-in-one-place resource for both new and established rawfeeders.

I hope this website will increase your awareness into the truth about modern pet healthcare and that it will further inspire you to embark on your own journey into natural healthcare for your pets and give you the courage to feed and care for your dogs as naturally as possible.

I wish you many happy years of rawfeeding your loyal companions!